This is the one thing that will always irk me about Justin Timberlake. Probably the moment in his story that I’ll never forget and will always have me side eyeing the shit out of him.

Listen, just b/c you’re in front of the crowd doesn’t mean you have to act out. This is akin to “others” who choose to date outside of their race and suddenly take on the stereotypical mannerisms of whoever it is that they’re dating. It’s just not necessary. Just b/c your ass was on a Black network filled with an audience full of Blacks doesn’t mean you have to say some super fake shit just for rounds of applause and pats on the back. If you do have a “weakness” for sistas, why is it that nobody has ever seen you with any? Unless that “weakness” is only satisfied behind closed doors, at which point you’d really need to shut up. You ain’t gotta pretend to like any part of me for me to support your shit.

I love Justin but I swear that is the ONE thing he’s done in his career that irks me beyond measure. Your shit was already on the countdown. There was no need to say all that shit to pony up a longer stay. We were listening without all that.

And THEN that gullible ass audience hollered like they were finna get “chose” right after he said it. Bye ashy.